Thursday, August 28, 2014

Black Albert

My favorite stout from Belgium. Blacker than black and a 13% flavor steamroller that will as they you from the inside. No light can penetrate this Cthulhu like liquid, no palate can escape the oozing fog like flavors of chocolate, carmel and coffee AND no memory will forget this amazing beer. 
*Black Albert is also 1/4 part of the Voltron "Baller Stout" made for Three Floyd's 15th Anniversary.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gimme 5 with Three Floyd's Chris Boggess

Welcome to the first Gimme 5. Gimme 5, like the rest of the beer related things on this blog, is for fun. 
A little fun fact look, without going full nerd. Ladies and Gents...Three Floyd's head brewer and hair metal flag flyer, Chris Boggess.

BT: Who or what is your earliest brewing influence?
CB: 2 answers - 1. My friends Lee Robberson and Laura Batchelor home brewed in college (mostly Laura, she was a domestic powerhouse, she could do anything by scratch and usually kick it's ass). I used to bum around at their house all the time and drank as much of their beer as possible. 2. My brother Tim bought me a Mr Beer homebrew kit when I was living in Houston. I made some really bad beer with it but realized making beer was cool. I was soon brewing professionally a year or so later. 

BT: What beer changed the game for you?
CB: Anchor's Liberty Ale 

BT: The one place you'd love to see your beer on tap?
CB: I'd like to see our beer(Space Station Middle Finger) on tap in the International Space Station.

BT: IN THE BEGINNING (Motley Crüe ref) What was the biggest hurdle to jump from home brewing to commercial brewing?
CB: The biggest hurdle was getting the job! The differences are so huge it's tough to compare them. 

BT: Preferred band to brew to and do you think it has an influence on the beer?
CB: I used to listen to a lot of Slayer brewing beer in the early days. The speed and intensity works perfectly with doing manual labor. It helps me focus therefore helping me make better beer!
Now it's not just one band or type of music anymore because we have lots of people working in the brewery.