Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Connecting the Dots

I love doing so and this blog will be centered around it, so welcome to BRAIN TENTACLES.  (BrainTentacles is also a band I do with Bruce Lamont, more on that later)! The place to learn about old and new beer. I will not become too technical with BT as sometimes it can be daunting and after all, I want it to be a fun environment. What you won't find here is bashing of beer I don't particularly enjoy.  Condemning a certain beer style because its not understood is silly to me.
Beer has such an important place in my heart and in the world that I really think everyone that enjoys beer should know about all the wonderful options available today.  For years, "Big Beer" has bought so much shelf space to edge out the competition it crazy. It's nice to see craft beer displays getting recognized regularly these days. Similar to record shopping in a way, the colors and designs leap off the shelves to grab your attention.  In fact, thats how I was drawn in. I wasn't a beer person until I met Bill Yurkiewicz of Exit-13 who turned me onto "the right beer" which was De Dolle Stille Nacht. Bill opened up his fridge and it was like opening the Arc, all the brightly colored illustrated bottles immediately caught my eye.
That right there is a testament to a few phrases I use often when talking beer.  One being, when a person claims they don't like beer, I usually counter with "well maybe you haven't had the right beer yet" (with a smile of course) and the other ...when someone is quick dismiss a certain beer, taking the snob road applying the down the brow stance, (beer bullies be damned!) I simply say "there's a time and place for every beer".
All that being said, I've drank a whole lot of beer over the years, documented most them and have made a ton of friends by sharing beer so.... I figured, why not start sharing even more? As An Bui (Mekong CBO) would say, "Beer is the Answer" and on those inspiring words I will connect the dots with Brain Tentacles 'cause that's what beer is after all!