Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Brain Tentacles in 2014

Brain Tentacles started as a musical collaboration between Bruce Lamont and myself, a drum/sax duo. In Oct of 2013, I drove my Scion XD to Chicago, jammed for a few hours each day for 4 days and gathered pieces of music together that we could play openly.  We hit the road (in my Scion) to tour with Melt Banana for 2 weeks while writing articles for Scion magazine about great spots to eat and drink along the way. It was an amazing adventure and just the start of something special, as we plan to reconvene in January to work on more music and add another Tentacle to the project! Let me back up a bit and mention that during the tour we had a guest Tentacle sit in each night and it was so much fun! We will keep that option going while enlisting a full time bass tentacle soon to be announced.  Anyway....more when that happens.  For the time being, check out the beer reviews I've done so far and keep your eyes peeled for more! This is just the start of the Brain Tentacles journey.
1-1-14 Dave Witte